Textile Conservation and Care with Kate Wight

By The Margaret R. Grundy Memorial Museum (other events)

Saturday, November 5 2022 11:30 AM 1:30 PM EDT

Kate Wight is a Textile Conservator based in New York. Kate Wight, LLC is an NYC-based Art Conservation firm specializing in sculpture and object conservation. A graduate of Winterthur-University of Delaware, Kate trained at the British Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and now works for private and institutional clients in the New York area and internationally on excavations in Egypt and Turkey. The Grundy Museum is pleased to have Kate work on the Grundy family collections.

Two of the collections will be on display while Kate gives her presentation. She will discuss her work and the processes for conserving the Grundy Family clothing pieces. In addition, Kate will discuss best housing practices and care for your unique antique textiles.

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